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About UP! United Paws

The association UP! United Paws was founded by a group of people who have been engaged in voluntary work for the Canil Municipal Odemira (municipal kennel) for a long time.

In all these years our work has gained considerable importance. We have so far done everything in our power to improve the quality of life for those poor abandoned animals awaiting an uncertain destiny in the Canil.

Part of our work is to inform the local population on how to handle the problem of the large number of mistreated and abandoned animals. Our main focus is on an effective neutering program, which is the only way to reduce the inumerable unwanted litters.

To be able to achieve all these goals, we have founded our association UP! United Paws.

We dont yet have our own shelter, but we are publishing the dogs that are ready for adoption on our website and on Facebook. Some of these dogs are still at the Canil, some are in foster homes, waiting for a loving new home.

If you would like to adopt a dog from us, or have any question, don't hesitate to contact us!

You can also visit our dogs at the municipal dog kennel on Mon-Fri from 9-13h and 14-17h. You are very welcome!

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